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Paul Ngend

Paul Ngend is the founder of NPC Soccer which was established over 10 years ago and has grown tremendously since it was founded. He has helped numerous players get in to play professionally in Europe and South America. Many of his players have for the national teams of their respective countries while others successfully played collegiate soccer.

Paul Ngend founded NPC Futsal Club in May 2014 after years of studying and planning with successful Futsal coaches in Belgium and France. NPC Futsal Club is one of the few Futsal club in the area that trains and plays Futsal all year round. In only two years of actual existence, NPC Futsal Club has over 100 players who have participated and are still playing for NPC Futsal teams. The teams played leagues twice a year (winter and summer) and have participated in USYF Regional where the U16 Boys team qualified and played for 2016 USYF National Championship.

Mr. Ngend has been training and coaching soccer in the area for the past 20 years. His expertise and proven ability to teach the fundamentals and the love of the game, led his teams to win four VA State Cup championships. He had a ten year professional playing career, prior to a career ending injury. He attended a soccer school in France and then played three years in Central Africa for his native Cameroon and for the country of Gabon; both on division one teams. He also played for the Cameroon National Team., ventured into the Independent Peruvian Soccer League and the Washington International Soccer League for a few years. He holds a National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) diploma as well as a NSCAA advanced diploma and a United States Soccer Federation (USSF) B license. He has been eligible for the USSF A license for the past ten years. When he is not coaching and training, he is recruiting players for First Division Colleges and acts as a soccer agent for top clubs all over the world.

Some of the players that Mr. Ngend has develop:


Junior Flores -  Borussia Dortmund II
Nathaniel Becker - Futbol Club Hernan Cortes Zaragoza, Spain
Nico Gioacchini - Paris Football Club (PFC)
Yannick Jaques Nzie Ebah - Club Defensor La Bocana, Peru
Emilio Torres - Peru Professional Division 1 Team, Contract under negotiation
Christian Rodriguez - C.D. FAS - El Salvador
Chase Gasper - UCLA
Nico Quashie - VT


Andi Sullivan - U.S. U21 Womens Team/Stanford University
Adrienne Maday - William and Mary
Bryce Debolt - Fordham University
Kristina Diana - VT
Jennifer Ternullo - Thailand U19 National Team

What makes Metropolitan FC different is how we view our role within American soccer. There are a myriad of clubs in this country whose aim is to bring soccer to as many children as possible. But we are not one of them. We are here to help the aspiring soccer player who's vision for their future in the game matches our own. Our goal is to locate and develop young players, who love the game and work hard, into professional level players, regardless of ethnicity, sex, or economic class. We have a saying at the club, "Metropolitan FC is available to anyone, but it's not for everyone". We pursue long term development rather then short term success, and demand quality rather then quantity, resulting in less teams and smaller training groups. This allows our coaches to be detail oriented and more focused on the development of the individual player. Quality is also demanded of the coaches. At Metropolitan each coach is held accountable for each player they work with,in order that they continue to improve their coaching ability and, in turn, become better at improving the players they work with.”

Vince Carter